Excessive sleepiness & fatigue

Man falling asleep whilst driving

Excessive sleepiness during the day and feelings of fatigue can severely impact your quality of life and productivity.

A possible cause of excessive sleepiness during the day is narcolepsy. Those with narcolepsy can have "sleep attacks", where you fall asleep suddenly even during activities such as driving. Another possible symptom of narcolepsy is paralysis and/or auditory, visual or tactile hallucinations both just before and after sleep. Finally you may experience cataplexy: while experiencing strong emotions, both negative and positive, you may suddenly collapse or loose muscle control or strength, all while maintaining full consciousness.

If you have experienced any of the symptoms of narcolepsy, especially sleep attacks, it is strongly advised you seek medical help, since these can be extremely dangerous depending on the situation you are in.

There are many other causes of excessive sleepiness and fatigue during the day. We encourage you to take a questionnaire about your symptoms if you plan to, or are considering taking an appointment. This can help quantify the severity of your symptoms and help us advise you on what your next step should be.

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