Day rhythm disorders or circadian rhythm disorders

Man reading his phone in bed to try and go to sleep

Day rhythm and circadian rhythm disorders can manifest when we excessively confuse our own body clock or go against our body clock, via activities such as shift work or prolonged jet lag.

Circadian rhythm disorders are where our sleep-wake cycle is not in synchrony with the environmental cues we experience. These disorders can have a variety of causes, each of which results in a different type of disturbance. Most commonly the cycle can be affected by shift work at night, via jet lag, or delayed due to prolonged periods of sleeping late, which can make it hard to sleep at a normal time again.

Other categories exist within this disorder including types which involve sleeping too early, or types where the body clock is out of sync due to issues with the sense of sight or due to brain damage.

While disorders in this category do differ, they often share 2 criteria:

  1. The sleep-wake cycle is out of synchrony with the outside world, causing one to fall asleep at irregular times, while sleep itself may be normal
  2. Being out of time can result in feeling wide awake or very sleepy at inappropriate times

If you feel as if you are suffering from a disorder of your sleep/wake cycle, or are experiencing symptoms similar to those above, you may benefit from an appointment with our staff.

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