Man stressed about not being able to sleep

How do I get an appointment with you?

We recommend seeing a GP before contacting us.

If your GP feels you need further specialist help with your sleep health you can request a referral to come and see us.

If you do not have a GP or currently do not have access to your GP and wish to contact us directly regarding an appointment please get in touch.

Do I need a GP referral in order to make an appointment?

It is important to consult your GP before contacting us, in order to assess your need for further help and review from specialists such as those at our clinic.

If you do not have a GP, but believe you do have a sleep disorder or problem, you can contact us and we will seek to contact you regarding any help we can provide.

Lady looking at clock whilst trying to sleep

What is a sleep study?

A sleep study is a recording of your sleep, carried out by specialists, in order to look for the reason behind any sleep disturbances you may experience.

Sleep studies record breathing, chest movements, oxygen levels and body movements, all of which help the doctors at our clinic diagnose what disorder may be causing any sleep disturbance you may be experiencing.

How long is a consultation?

Consultations with a consultant doctor at our clinic usually last around 30 minutes.

What is CPAP (continuous airway pressure) therapy?

CPAP therapy is a therapy for sleep apnoea. It is a machine which, via a mask put over the face during sleep, blows gently into the airway, which keeps it open. This means the sleep disturbances in sleep apnoea, which are caused by your airway narrowing, are reduced, resulting in a better quality of sleep.

The diagram below shows a patient’s airways while sleeping with and without sleep apnoea.

Diagram showing opened and closed upper airway whilst sleeping

Diagram showing throat whilst sleeping and snoring

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