Birmingham Sleep Clinic

Our experienced and highly trained world class staff provide a complete and personalised service, aiming to guide you through the process of diagnosing and addressing your sleep disorders with a range of powerful and safe therapies. We pride ourselves in enabling you to get the sleep you deserve with a personalised and friendly service.

We aim to be as transparent with our treatments as possible, and to provide each patient we encounter with evidence based and efficient treatment they deserve.

In order to provide you with the best possible service our website contains a wide variety of information pertaining to sleep disorders and to our clinic, including signs which would suggest that a meeting with our team may benefit you.

Our team has unique expertise in sleep with individual self-interests and expertise which are complimentary. All patients are discussed within the team to ensure our patient benefit from our collective insight and expertise.

Young woman having trouble sleeping

Our Services

View our full range of services for personal and corporate patients to help treat sleep disorders.

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Girl with insomnia

Sleep Disorders

Find out about common sleep disorders and how the treatments we provide can help you.

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Read frequently asked questions from patients regarding sleep disorders and our treatments.

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